Kalilah Coulter

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                                                                           Kalilah Coulter, MDiv     


Born in Florida and raised in Texas, Kalilah Coulter, MDiv, is a former educator with over ten years of teaching and community outreach experience. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Clark Atlanta University, and her Master of Divinity from The Interdenominational Theological Center.

Mrs. Coulter is the founder of, and spokesperson for The Love Crazy Foundation, a group of artists, speakers and entertainers dedicated to promoting self-awareness and success through reflection workshops, history and art. Love Crazy has hosted and participated in workshops for such institutions as The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Performing Arts, Georgia State University, Herzing University, and Cascade United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA. Love Crazy has recently expanded its outreach to Dallas, TX, and is currently developing The Blankets for Babies Project, providing storybooks and handcrafted blankets to sick and impoverished babies and children in the Greater Dallas/ Fort Worth Area. Love Crazy is also currently accepting paperback donations of Do You by Russell Simmons for incarcerated youths in the greater Dallas/Ft Worth area. 

Mrs. Coulter is known to many in the Atlanta poetry circuit as poet Black Rain. She has performed in such venues as the Apex Museum, Urban Grind, Barrazza’s, Backstage, the Interdenominational Theological Center and Spelman College. She has co-hosted such events as First Fridays – a citywide networking event in Atlanta, GA, The Women in Progress Business Mixer at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Performing Arts along with “Magic Man,” a popular radio deejay in Atlanta, and The Walk In Love Annual Walk Against Child Abuse in Lewisville, TX. Black Rain is also a featured poet in the edu-tainment film Turn Off Channel Zero, starring Professor Griff from Public Enemy.

Mrs. Coulter started her own publishing company in 2001, designed to “give a voice to the voiceless, faith to the faithless, and hope to the hopeless.” Her own publications include poetry books Urban Resolutions, Sugar Blues and Speak Love, and also novels Still Waters, Color Blind and Keeping Up With The Wind, written under the pen name Suleyma Moon.

Mrs. Coulter’s artwork has been featured in various Jonique Design gallery exhibits, and with the Clifton Arts group. Her novel, Keeping Up With The Wind, can be purchased at www.barnesandnoble.com and www.amazon.com. Her novels Color Blind and Still Waters, can also be purchased on Amazon. You can follow Kalilah Coulter at kalilahcoultermylife.wordpress.com and on all social media outlets. You can also follow her YouTube channel Kalilah Coulter Live! Her next novel, Kenney, is due out Spring 2018.

Kalilah Coulter continues to strongly advocate literacy in both children and adults, and plans to expand her outreach further into the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Kalilah believes that with God, all things are possible.

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Natasha has been in love with Collin since elementary school. But when Collin's random bursts of anger turn into even more frequent bouts of violence, Natasha wonders more and more who she's really dealing with.

Natasha's best friend Kenney has always known EXACTLY who Collin is, and has never held his tongue about it. As her friend, Kenney has never turned his back on her, and has tried repeatedly to help her get out of her current situation. There's only one problem. Two, actually...

Kenney is, has, and will always be completely and totally in love with Natasha. And Collin knows it. Natasha, of course, is completely and totally in love with Collin. So in love that she's willing to put up with anything just to keep him close.

And the closer Natasha gets to Collin, the more he hurts her. The more Collin hurts her, the harder it is for Kenney to maintain his own self-control and not step in to get rid of Collin for her. Will Kenney get through to Natasha in time to save her life, without risking his own?

Will Natasha finally see Collin for the abuser that he is? Will she ever realize that Kenney's                                                                     love for her is so much more than just a friend thing?

                                                                   Will Natasha finally recognize the fact that every heart is a deep, dark ocean, and that what                                                                    lies beneath is not always only what can be seen on the surface? Will she accept the fact                                                                        that still waters do run deep, and that some waters are safe to jump into head first...


                                                                   While other waters should never be tested? 

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Silvy Richards has lived the majority of her childhood based on the assumption that she and her surrogate family of friends will always be together forever. But by the time the summer of '88 rolls around, it seems that right when she is drowning in the sea of life, her "family" is drifting further and further from her grasp. Silvy suddenly finds her world spinning out of control and is struggling to figure out how things have managed to go so terribly wrong. Even worse, this spiral seems to be happening at a time when she needs her friends the most.

At the tender age of fifteen, Silvy quickly learns that a family united can easily become a family divided. Through a series of epiphanies brought on by drug use, child abuse and sexual assault, she finds herself no longer seeing the world through the eyes of a child, but in the light of a well lived adult.

This story follows a group of friends, who think of themselves more as family, through one tragic summer that will alter the course of their lives forever. Some of these kids will make it out of the summer alive, and some of them won't.

This is the story of one teenager's struggle for survival, and for the survival of her "security blanket" of friends, sewn together by fate and torn apart the same way.

                                  Now available on Amazon!


Scott Masterson and Rica Daniels have been linked since birth. Tragically, Rica was assaulted by a group of boys as a young girl, and wants absolutely nothing to do with Scott. The fact that he's white, like the boys who attacked her, does not help. Scott has such a huge crush on Rica that he still continues to do everything in his power to get her to accept him into her life.

As fate would have it, Scott is slowly able to gain Rica's trust by helping her through a series of traumatic events. Unfortunately, this may not be enough for Rica to overcome her painful past.

Will she ever be able to love Scott the way that he has always loved her? Or will she continue to hold Scott accountable for the pain inflicted on her by others years ago?

Will she ever be able to look at Scott in the same light that he has always seen her, without bias, and essentially become...

Color Blind?


Seven year old Kenney has it all. Loving parents, a sister who adores him, an aunt who he follows around like she's queen of the world, and uncles that teach him how to thrive in the family business. But when tragedy strikes, Kenney's world is suddenly flipped upside down. His family dissolves, the neighborhood that he loves crumbles around him, and the family business that was once so exciting and new becomes a burden and a trap from which he thinks he'll never escape.

Kenney finds himself quickly chained to his family and his hood, his childhood ending almost as soon as it began. By 11 he's not only the man of the house, but finds himself on the fast track to becoming a man in the streets. No one questions Kenney's family, Kenney's crew, or Kenney's new position as "The Prince." 

Set in North Houston, this story is gritty and disturbing, but it is also captivating and oddly motivating. We follow Kenney, who we first meet in Still Waters, through the obstacles and triumphs that turn him into the man that he eventually becomes. Kenney is a fighter in every sense of the word. Without even realizing it, he learns lessons and picks up skills that everyone could use in any journey to push through the sometimes murky waters of life, and still come out on top. 

Kenney is a survivor, and will have you crying with him when he cries and cheering for him to keep going when he wants to give up. Much like the real life young men globally that Kenney represents, he doesn't see himself making it to 18, and doesn't see the point in trying. We go into Vol 2 of the Still Waters Series knowing that the game won't break him, but we leave still amazed that he was able to get out of this nightmare alive. 

The Love Crazy Foundation

“Without vision, the people perish.”

The Love Crazy Foundation – a dedicated group of artists, speakers and entertainers – promotes self-awareness and success through subsidy publications, reflection workshops, history and performance art. To learn more about The Love Crazy Foundation, please visit lovecrazy.webs.com

The Love Crazy Blankets For Babies Project is now accepting blanket and storybook donations for displaced children and babies in the greater Dallas/ Ft. Worth area!

Happening Now: The Love Crazy Foundation is currently accepting book donations for Love Crazy’s Blankets For Babies Project, Dallas. If you would like to donate a young adult or children’s book to a displaced child in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, please send your donations to Love Crazy, c/o Kalilah Coulter, PO Box 293581, Lewisville TX 75029. For a complete list of recommended young adult and children’s books for the Blankets For Babies Project, Dallas please email [email protected].

The Love Crazy Literacy Is Everything Project is now accepting paperback donations of Do You by Russell Simmons for incarcerated youths in the greater Dallas/ Ft. Worth area!

Happening Now: The Love Crazy Foundation is currently accepting book donations for the Literacy is Everything Project, Dallas. If you would like to donate a paperback copy of Do You by Russell Simmons to an incarcerated youth in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, please send your donations to Love Crazy, c/o Kalilah Coulter, PO Box 293581, Lewisville TX 75029. For more information about this initiative, please email [email protected]

Black Rain Cafe

"Giving a voice to the voiceless, faith to the faithless and hope to the hopeless." 


Black Rain


Here comes the rain –

And there goes the pain.

They thought I was crazy but I knew I was sane.

Lord, please Baptize me with Your


I've been running away from You

For years.

My life, it went through a serious drought,


I never had any doubt

That somehow You'd work it


Out, so

Bring on the rain –

I have everything to gain.

Let there be light,

Let my dreams finally take flight.

Free me from my own



I hope You came here to post

My bail.

I'll always tell

How You helped me through -

Displaying the type of love that comes




Because Your promise is true

Make my life look brand new.

Wash these sins from my hands.

Bury my past in Your sands.

When I couldn't stand

You carried me, yet

You made me stand my ground

When I wanted to flee!

Thank you God, for my strengths!

Thank you more for the lengths

That You would go through to set



You unlocked my chains with the

Ultimate key!

You loved me more than words can say

And that is why to this very day,

When the wind picks up and the thunder rolls

I run outside and lift up my soul!

I have everything to lose and so much to gain!

Basking in the lightning

Is where You can find me

Calling out Your name -

Making sure that You can



Thanking you, thanking you, thanking


Oh Lord!

For sending this miasma…

That's always been the source of my pain…

Your magnificent


and Holy

Black Rain.


This morning I woke up and decided that, as a grown woman, it was time to put away childish things.

As a grown woman I will ask for what I need and send back into the world what I receive.

As a grown woman I will live abundantly so that my blessings can overflow back out into the lives of others.

As a grown woman I will love, trust and respect those who are closest to me, and even those who are far away.

As a grown woman I will know a good and worthy man when I see one and give him the love and respect that he deserves.  

As a grown woman I am confident in my actions because I do not act without consulting God first.

As a grown woman I am confident in my words because I think six times before I open my mouth and consult with the Most High before even one word comes out.

As a grown woman I am not afraid to share my space with others because I trust my judgment and know who to keep around me and who to send away.

As a grown woman I give freely because I know that the reciprocity of the universe will always send everything that I need back to me when I need it.

As a grown woman I give my heart freely and without fear because I understand that there is no greater gift than love.

As a grown woman I am not selfish, I do not speak harmful words to others, and I always do what is within my power to help the next woman rise above her present situation, just as women before have done for me.

As a grown woman I am on a constant quest for the seven virtues: truth, justice, propriety, harmony, balance, reciprocity and order – for myself and for the world in which I live.

As a grown woman I surround myself with only positivity and live a life full of encouragement, love, guidance, affection, intimacy, true love and an abundance of wealth in all areas of my life.

As a grown woman I teach others to be strong and brave in the face of adversity, just as others before have taught me.

As a grown woman I am humble and grateful, and have no problem moving aside for those who have a greater wisdom and understanding of things than I.

As a grown woman, I will always be a student and will always be a teacher, because I know that the two go hand in hand.

As a grown woman I will appreciate and respect life, in all of its many forms.

As a grown woman I will always chose life in abundance, just as life in abundance has chosen me, and I give myself wholeheartedly to it. 

Slow Down

Slow down lil mama.

The streets are no place

For you.

You’ve been craving attention

Since you were two.

Started having sex

When you were ten.

Your brother never told you

That what he was doing to you

Was a sin.

No love

No respect

No gentleness in sight

He only forced harder

When he found out it was

Too tight.

No cause to think

You would ever

Tell -

Now you have to live an eternity

Trapped in the prison of his memory

Without bail.

Lil shorty,

You’re still too young

To give up hope.

You spend 80% of your day




Don’t give up

On life when all you see

Is pain.

Don’t wake up every morning

Thinking that every day

Will always be

The same.

Slow down, lil mama

And give yourself one more try.

See if you can trust in

The fact

That not everyone is telling you

A lie.

Mama didn’t believe you

And daddy decided to try you

For himself.

But you broke away from them

And still you keep yourself

Locked up in your own

Personal hell.

Break free from the chains

You were given.

You no longer have to keep them


Why do you spend every night


Until you see the first cracks

Of early dawn?

Slow down lil mama.

Get yourself some rest.

Every man doesn’t need

To put his hands

Inside your dress.

You’re too young

To be this stressed.

You’re growing old

Before your time.

You’re walking a very thin


The distance between

Pleasure and pain

Doesn’t span very far.

And neither does the distance

Between hooking

And getting raped

In the backseat of someone else’s

Husband’s car.

Slow down lil mama

You don’t want this life

For yourself.

Slow down and try to put

Your past behind you

Where it belongs

And take your happiness

Back down off that shelf.

Look around you.

Does your pimp really

Have your back?

How many


Do you have left

After you hand over that stack?

When you look to your left

All you see is air.

But what you don’t know

Is that there’s an angel

Also standing there.

I know you could run


I know you could hide.

I know that the preacher told you

That God could protect you,

And it seems like again

He told a bald face lie.

I know you’ve cried

A thousand rivers –

And probably have a million

More to go.

But just see where that

Guardian angel takes you.

Unless you try it

You’ll never know.

I mean, what do you really

Have to lose?

An ounce of coke

And some booze?

Oh. Let’s not forget about

Your track marks

 And bloodshot eyes.

A real man would have

Tried to help you

Instead of making money

Off your twelve-year-old


You’ve been on the streets

Long enough, lil mama.

It’s time for you to

Slow down.

Stop acting like it’s too late

For you to turn

Your life around.

Take God’s hand –

Just for a little while –

And see where that leads.

I can guarantee

That at least God

Won’t make you bleed.

Slow down lil mama

And look to the heavens

For help.

I know you think God didn’t

Save you last time,

But maybe this time

God heard you yelp

Out in pain

When your last trick

Beat you down in the rain.

To think this is all you


Is the only thing about you

That’s truly


Use your brain!

And think of a way out.

Ask somebody for help

Even if you have to

Scream and shout.

I know right now staying alive

Seems like it’s more trouble

Than it’s worth…

But soon enough it won’t be.

If you just hold on a little longer

Life will get better,

You’ll see.

Slow down, lil mama.

You’re moving way too fast.

I promise you, if you don’t

Slow down


One of these tricks will be

Your very last.

Let's Ride

I can be your Bonnie,

You can be my Clyde -

Baby, let's ride!

I'll take you to the moon,

You can take me to the sun

Let's get together

And put half on a son.

We'll teach him that he's

The Golden Child, and

Show him how it feels to be

The Chosen One.

Let's take this world over –

Come ride on my four-leaf clover...

Nothing can touch us.

God's got our backs.

Between the two of us,

We have a weapon

For every attack.

When times get tough

We'll keep pushing through.

Nothing can stop us

It's just me and you.

You can be my King

And I...

I will be your Queen.

The levels I can elevate you

Are so far unseen.

Baby, let me upgrade you,

Your life and your mind.

I get what I want.

That's why you're

Already mine.

But don't get it twisted,

You can upgrade me, too...

And I'm talking about the

Quality of my spirit -

Not just a new pair of shoes.

You're like the moon,

I'm like the sea.

Every time I see you

Something rises deep

Inside of me.

You must keep my heart

Because I can't find the key.

The only thing I ask

Is that you don't take

Advantage of me.

I'll give you the world!

Just be faithful to your girl.

My heart can't be untrue.

That's why I'm faithful

To you.

Other men can look,

But none of them will ever

Have me shook -

The way you do.

My intensions are true.

I'll never take advantage

Of you.

I have faith in our dream,

My love runs deeper

Than it seems.

I'll roll with the tide.

I'll never tell a lie.

I can see how much you

Want me

Every time you look into my


You already know you got me,

So I'm sayin'...

Let's ride!

Ride Free

A hush eases through the masses

As we finally accept the fact

That you’re gone.

And yes, it will be hard for your family –

But somehow we’ll make sure

That they keep rollin’ on,

After releasing your fertile ashes

Into the rivers that flow

On and on –

It’s your vision that we’ll

Carry on

As your song, it plays on –

Drifting across the winds

Like an invisible friend

That used to be here –

It’s your memory that we’ll

Always hold dear.

And we’ll feel you near

Every time we see a




Fighting for the promise

Of better days

To come –

A pipe dream to some.

But you, you taught us better

And out of gratitude, your mother –

We’ll never let her


My N.I.G.G.A, we still


In –

Just like we were

Back then.

Red, Yellow, Black and White

Are the colors of the Four Winds

As we scatter your ashes

Into the night,

And the colors of the People

As we raise up together

And pick up our swords

And unite, ready to fight.

We remember your words,

As we find that they’ve become

Our words,

And we have turned them into


And we are steppin’

To the silence,

And if necessary

We will give them a reason

To claim…

Well, you know the rest.

It’s always the ones who crave

Peace and Equality

That they have to test.

But we won’t let your memory

Go in vain –

We all take a deep breath…

As your soul

Turns into rain.

And even as we try to let go

Of the pain,

Those who don’t want to see

Will still think we’re

Talking crazy –

But it’s really

Crazy Sane

Even Noah got shut down by his country

Until the nonbelievers

Were choked out by the rain.

As we continue to lift up

Your name,

We know that things will

Never be the same –

Yet we still keep asking God

To keep you…and us

At His throne,

And we bow down to God’s magnitude

Even though we feel so

All alone…

And every once in a while

We just beg for God to throw us

A bone

And put down His stones

And help us get out of this




But, alas, we still have to sigh

Because some of our soldiers

Have already flown


Into the night –

But we know they’re still here

And to their precious memories

We’ll always hold tight.

Even as we finally concede to let

You go –

What your fire meant to our

Frozen souls

You’ll never know –

But we have to keep rollin’ on

And it’s you who taught us so.

As we continue to dig endlessly

For that much anticipated bone,

We walk proudly through this

Cold fire

Carrying your torch and continuing to make

The truth out of liars - 

And yes, they will try to cut us down

As we ride on fearlessly, into this

Danger Zone –

But you better believe that we’ll

Ride Free-

Outlaw Brother –

Because we know that you’ll

Make sure

We never ride alone.



Wipe the steam from my

Magic Mirror

And I

Take a step back,

Wondering how many times


Have had to lie

To my family

To my friends

To myself

And yes -

Even to you

About how


Got this black eye

And I

Wonder why


Black King

Doesn't protect me

And I

Look up at your

Black fist

And I

Cover my face as it

Comes down

- Enraged-

And I

Wonder how

A thing that represents

Such Power

Such Struggle

Such freedom





Could be aimed at its





Beautiful Black Queen

And I

Have to lean

To the side as


Take another blow

And accept the fact

That I

Will never know

The plight

Of a Strong Black Male

And I

Will never know

The Burden

Of a Strike Three Fail



Will probably

Never see my dreams

Set sail

If I -

Stay with you

And continue to take this

Abuse from you





And I

Gather my things

And look you


In the


And wonder why


Was going so good

Until I


What you meant by

Should Would Could

And I

Lost myself

In the years of trying to be

All that you dreamed.

Our love was never as it seemed.

And I

Just can't take it anymore

As I

Head for the door

And hear my Black King

Call out that I

Ain't shit

Without him.

And that I'll be back

Even as I

Slam the door in his face

I know

That I've already lost this race

Because until I decide

That I

Love myself

More than him

He'll always catch me

Right before

My hand touches the door -

And my feet hit the ground -

And my tears hit the pavement -

And I

Realize that


Did it.

I finally left you

And I'm finally FREE!

And I

Duck and dodge

The stares

And questions

As people rush to ask

What happened to me -

When I know it's not

About me

It's about the



and God

That we used to be.

And I


No -

I know -




And I

Know that I can make it

Even as I

Hear the click clack

Of your gun

And I'm

Even amazed with myself

As I

Continue to run

Because I

Know that sound

Used to stop me


In my tracks

Before I

Got pregnant with our son.

But now I'm

Running for two

And that's what

Mothers do

And I

Know there has to be more

As I

Follow God's voice

And picture what might

Be in store

If I

Can just



And stay out

Of your grasp.

Baby -

You'll always be my first

But I

Damn sure won't let you be

My last.

And I

Get a blast

From the past

As I

Revisit memories of the days

That were good

And I


I understood back then that


Were never my King

And I

Was never your Queen

Because a dynasty built

Without love

Isn't ever what it seems.

And I

Slowly remember my dreams

And I

Grab our son's hand

And tell him that God will send us someone

To teach him how

To be a man

And I

Drop down and rejoice

When I

Realize that pain

Wasn't God's plan

And I


No - he wasn't my man

And our son grabs my hand

And I

Think to myself:

No son,

This will not



And I tell our child that we

No longer have to bow down

And cower

And what he witnessed

Was not a display of

True power.

We'll find us a King

With a real key

To a real city

And when he raises his fist

It will be used

To protect me

And we

Will be just fine because


Will always

Protect you.

That's what mothers do.

And now, years after believing

That we could never make it

Without him


Can finally look my

So-called King in the eye

And say that I

Would have never made it



And, well, I -

Will holla atchya

Because our son

Is more precious than gold

Without impurities

And he deserves security

That you won't provide


We're jumping on this tide

And there is


That you can do

But stand there and


Us ride

Because I'm sick

Of having to hide

From you

And him

And me

And them

And God -

And -

With one final nod

I -

We -

Take flight like a bird

And leave you

With a thought

And this word: